Palmesano: Why Focus On Upstate’s Carbon Emissions? NYC Is The Problem

December 1, 2021

HORNELL, NY – Appearing on the Wlea Newsmaker Show this morning, Assemblyman Phil Palmesano talked about how Albany Democrats are pushing for lots of clean energy projects in the upstate region. Palmesano however, maintains that most of the carbon emissions though, come from the New York City area. “90 percent of the energy produced in upstate New York right now has zero emissions, with the hydro and everything else,” Palmesano stated. “But downstate in New York City, it’s 77 percent fossil fuel.”

Palmesano also says, that there will be many more wind and solar projects in the next few years. “NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research Development Agency) petitioned the PSC (Public Service Commission) for these green projects, and they (NYSERDA) just put a plan out: they want to spend 12.7 billion dollars over the next three to four years, on top of the 3.4 billion dollars that was spent over the past year.”