Palmesano’s Statement On Repealing Some Cuomo EO’s

April 28, 2021

Statement from Assemblyman Phil Palmesano (R,C,I-Corning) on Legislature’s Action to Revoke Several of Governor’s Executive Orders.

Rescinds the requirement of a food purchase with drink order; curfew should go now too

“While it is good to see that the Majorities in the Assembly and Senate finally agreed to join us in repealing some of the governor’s executive orders, these repeals are long overdue. The executive order that required bars and restaurants to serve food with an alcoholic beverage was simply arbitrary, ridiculous and not based on science from the beginning. With the action taken by the Senate and the Assembly today, this order will no longer be in effect.

“The arbitrary curfew on bars and restaurants is also being pulled back, the governor announced today, but it will not go into effect for a few more weeks. Outdoor restaurant areas will not be subject to the curfew as of May 17 and indoor restaurants still must wait until May 31. These restaurants and bars have been absolutely crushed by the governor’s lockdowns, closures and restrictions. The Majorities should not wait any longer. We should also take action now on this executive order and immediately repeal this arbitrary curfew. The governor rescinded the curfew for casinos, gyms, movie theaters, bowling alleys and billiard halls effective April 5, there is no need to wait any longer on restaurants and bars. The governor’s continued extension and dates of May 17 and May 31 are not based on science, but rather he just wants to continue to flex his muscle and not accept reasonable and common-sense input from the Legislature and these small business owners. So we should do it on our own, without him, now.

“This is just further proof we should fully repeal the governor’s emergency powers and restore checks and balances back to our state government.”