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Paul Argentieri Responds To Zuckerberg Lawsuit

October 20, 2014

HORNELL, NY – After news broke on Monday afternoon that Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg was suing Hornell attorney Paul Argentieri, reportedly so that Zuckerberg could be reimbursed for legal fees and damages which the Facebook owner says his company went through, WLEA News contacted Hornell attorney Paul Argentieri.

Argentieri returned our call on Monday night, and gave us the contact information for San Francisco based attorney Joseph Alioto for a statement.   We called attorney Alioto, and here’s what he said:

click to listen to audio of statement from attorney Alioto

text of statement is below:

“Well first of all, I am Mr. Ceglia’s attorney, but I was not sued in this most recent lawsuit against other attorneys who represented Mr. Ceglia. The lawsuit by Mr. Zuckerberg and Facebook is phony. They are trying to intimidate lawyers representing Mr. Ceglia, because they know that Mr. Zuckerberg entered into a contract with Mr. Ceglia which he (Zuckerberg) is now trying to get out of.  Mr. Zuckerberg is doing everything he can to avoid giving testimony under oath, and one of the means used is to try to scare away lawyers who are representing Mr. Ceglia. Even this case shows that Mr. Zuckerberg’s lawyers in this case, do not, uh, make the wrong allegation against the wrong document

(editors note: that last sentence was an apparent mis-statement, we believe that Alioto intended to say that Zuckerberg’s lawyers made the wrong allegation against the wrong document.)   

The statement from Alioto continues below: 

And so, Zuckerberg, Mr. Zuckerberg, has two different theories, depending upon which of his lawyers you’re talking to.  So it’s a phony lawsuit, and it should be thrown out of court as soon as possible.  All of the lawyers that were involved that were sued, I wasn’t,  all of the lawyers that were sued, are very distinguished are (from) very distinguished and prominent law firms, including the former attorney general of New York (Dennis Vacco). So the case itself by Mr. Zuckerberg and Facebook is outrageous.”

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