Phone Scam

April 6, 2018

BATH, NY – Steuben County Sheriff Jim Allard is warning about a phone scam going on, where someone calls from something that seems to be called “Apple Pay”. The sheriff says that “Apple Pay”‘s area codes are 225 and 515. If you get a call from “Apple Pay”, with area codes 225 or 515, don’t answer the phone and report it to the FBI.

See full statement from Sheriff Allard, below:

A new phone scam has been reported to the Steuben County Sheriff’s Office. Citizens have reported receiving telephone calls from “Apple Pay” which advises that suspicious activity had been noticed on their account. The calls instruct you to click on three options on the internet or to call back on a provided number. A call to the originating number results in a recording which confirms that fraudulent apple pay calls are being received from that number and to report it to the FBI. Calls received from (225) 765-3500, (859) 971-5400 or (515)440-9000 are fraudulent and not to be responded to. Please do not respond with any personal or financial information to this request.
Sheriff Allard said “Thank you to the citizens who reported this scam and please remember, do not respond to requests for information concerning services you do not use, and always report suspicious activity”.