Physican Assistant At St James, Helped Out In Texas After Hurricanes

January 31, 2018

HORNELL, NY – Statement From St. James Hospital:

–St. James Mercy Hospital (SJMH) recently received a Certificate of Appreciation from the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS), part of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, for participation in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma relief efforts.

The NDMS thanked SJMH for affording one of its Emergency Department providers, Giacomo (Jack) Florio, the opportunity to deploy in support of Texas residents in the aftermath of the first major hurricane of 2017. A few weeks later, Jack also assisted with relief efforts for Hurricane Irma, which caused significant damage to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and parts of Florida.

“By allowing Mr. Florio to support Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, you have contributed to the NDMS mission. Mr. Florio’s contributions to the mission and guidance to the other NDMS colleagues were exemplary,” said NDMS Acting Director Ron Miller in written correspondence. “I understand the absence of an employee, no matter the time of absence, is an additional burden that must be absorbed by the organization, and your willingness to support the absence is truly appreciated. Your commitment to support your employee’s efforts is a tribute to your leadership and the character of St. James Mercy Hospital.”

“While deployment can be very demanding, I love doing it!” recounted Florio. “It gives me an opportunity to help people in need of medical attention, as well as just talking with them. You find it really is a small world.”

Jack is often deployed for special events or any type of large gathering to provide medical treatment should the need arise. Last year, he was deployed for the presidential inauguration. On some occasions, Jack will receive a call to be on “stand-by,” with only an hour or so to pack and get to the airport.

SJMH is proud to have Jack Florio as one of its providers and grateful for the service he so eagerly shares.