Possible Townhouses For North Hornell

May 10, 2016
NORTH HORNELL – The possibility of four townhouses being built on Chambers Road has a number of North Hornell residents on edge.
A local developer discussed a potential plan for building four townhouses or two residential homes during Monday night’s North Hornell Village meeting held at the firehall. Residents fear that the road, which was recently changed from a 30 mph zone to a 10 mph zone, is unable to handle an escalation in traffic and wouldn’t be able to accommodate larger emergency vehicles. Residents also said that the buildings would hinder their “quality of life” based on the proposed location and placement. The developer, meanwhile, noted that best way for the village to derive tax profits from the property is the residential path and that townhouses were becoming popular all over.
A new comprehensive plan was adopted. The village’s last plan was developed in 1970. Officials decided that the plan should be reviewed every five years.
A tax warrant of $128,533.39, including 4,056.39 for unpaid water/sewer bills, was approved and issued. North Hornell residents pay a village tax of $3.40 for every $1,000.00. The Steuben County average is $9.60 per $1,000.00.
The $2M bridge project – $15,000 of which was the North Hornell share – as well as mill and till road work on Seneca Street (set to begin in late July) are expected to be completed by late fall. Bridgework is currently being held up by DEC and other agency issues, as well as the delay in the arrival of steel.
In other news, Falci said a public hearing will be held Monday, May 23 at 6 p.m. to discuss an increase in planning board members. The board is hoping to move from five members to a total of seven. A short Memorial Day ceremony has been scheduled for May 30 at 8 a.m. The village plans to officially unveil its new “Hero Banners” during the event.
The next regular North Hornell meeting is slated for June 13 at 7 p.m.