Power Outages In The Area

March 26, 2021

Update 856pm:
Hornellsville 65
Town of Canisteo 173
Hartsville 6

Update 521pm: Town of Canisteo 171
Fremont 201
Hartsville 6
Hornellsville 5
Town of Dansville 114
No current outage numbers for Hornell are listed by NYSEG

Update 305pm Hornell has 1262 outages and Hornellsville has 1396 outages. Fremont – 113 outages.

Update 2:52pm: there are 1209 outages in Hornell.

Update 2:30pm: Meteorologist Gary Best says wind gusts so far were at 25mph, but wind gusts could get up to 55mph in the next few hours.

Update 215pm: Hornell DPW Chief Mitch Cornish says that the power will be restored at 3pm for the south section of Hornell. The other parts of Hornell will have power restored after that, if no more trees come down.

HORNELL NY – Power outages hit the area in the 11am hour today. A tree was down in Hornell on the corner of Route 36 and Pine Street, and a tree went down on East Main near Elm Street.
In the 1pm hour, NYSEG reported 1,086 outages in Hornell. Hornell DPW Chief Mitch Cornish says most of the outages are on the west side of Hornell.

Bryant School was let students out at the regular time.

NYSEG reports that Hornellsville has 71 power outages, as well as 279 outages in the Town of Canisteo and 240 outages in the Village of Canisteo.

in Canisteo a stop sign was knocked down by a tree branch on the corner of West Main St and Allison Place.

Hartsville has 317 outages.

There are 50 NYSEG customers without power in Alfred.
NYSEG also says that in Addison, there are 105 outages, in Campbell 19, in Corning 32, 25 in Troupsburg.