Press Conference About Sunday’s Fire

November 18, 2019

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor John Buckley, Fire Chief Frank Brozowski, Police Chief Ted Murray and others, spoke today, at a press conference about the fire on Sunday, that destroyed several homes on Preston Avenue. Fire Chief Brozowski mentioned, that three structures on Washington Street were also damaged, but were still inhabitable. Brozowski said that the fire spread quickly on Preston Avenue during the Sunday fire, because of several factors, including that it was windy on Sunday, but the biggest factor seemed to be that the homes are so close together, on Preston Ave.

Hornell Mayor John Buckley spoke of how his main focus at this point, is food, clothing and shelter, for the eight families (21 individuals) displaced because of the fire on Sunday. Buckley is encouraging anyone who wants to help financially, to call Maple City Savings Bank, 324-1822, and the bank says they are taking cash, checks and gift cards. (Originally, they were not going to take checks, but that has changed, and now Maple City Savings Bank is in fact, accepting donations in the form of checks.) One reporter there, noted in her questions, that two of the survivors of the house fires, were pregnant, and officials acknowledged that there is a need for any supplies, related to helping those who are pregnant.

Police Chief Ted Murray spoke of how his officers assisted the fire dept, in helping get residents out of their homes, with the HPD officers breaking down doors in order to get those who were trapped inside, out of the burning houses. Chief Murray also stated that if anyone saw anything suspicious, to please call Hornell Police at 324-2860.

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