Primary Day Is Here

September 13, 2018

Today is Thursday, September 13, and the New York State primary is being held today. The major races for Republicans in Steuben County are:
the Assembly primary between the incumbent, Assemblyman Joe Errigo and his opponent, Marjorie Byrnes. There is also the Steuben County Judge race between Republicans Chauncey Watches and Matthew McCarthy.

For Democrats, the primaries in steuben county are the Cuomo/Nixon governor’s primary, the Lt. Governor’s primary between Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City Councilman Jummane Williams. Also, the State Senate primary between Tompkins County Democrat Amanda Kirschgessner and Schuyler County Democrat Michael Lausel. Then, there is the Attorney General primary for Democrats, the candidates are Zephyr Teachout, Sean Patrick Maloney, Leticia James and Leecia Eve.

For Reform Party voters, they can vote in the Attorney General primary. The candidates are: Nancy Sliwa, Mike Diederich, Christopher B. Garvey. Also on the Reform Party ticket: the Steuben County Judge’s race, between Matthew McCarthy and Chauncey Watches.

In Allegany County, there is a GOP primary for sheriff, between the incumbent, Sheriff Rick Whitney, and Walt Mackney.