Rowdy And Rough Protests In Ithaca

October 18, 2020

TOMPKINS COUNTY, NY – Ithaca social media pages and media outlets are reporting that things got out of control on Friday night in the City of Ithaca. The Cornell Sun is reporting that Trump supporters were pushed back inside their headquarters building. The Ithaca Voice reported that fights broke out from both sides. New York State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy issued a statement, blaming what he described as a riot, on the Ithaca Democrat Socialists of America.

Langworthy also faulted Democrat state senate candidate Leslie Danks Burke and Democrat congressional candidate Tracy Mitrano, for not speaking against the Democrat Socialists. Our news department is reaching out to both Danks Burke and Mitrano and we’ll post their responses when we receive their statements.

Update, 9:46am – Response From Leslie Danks Burke:
When the world watched police smother Daniel Prude in Rochester, naked in the street and suffering from mental illness, Mr. Langworthy said, “the cause of this is largely the revolving-door criminal justice policies.” When we watched Buffalo police shove a man to the ground and walk past his bleeding body, the man was hospitalized, and Mr. Langworthy said nothing. I know, as Mr. Langworthy apparently does not, that violence is unacceptable

Statement From NYS GOP Chair Nick Langworthy:

The New York Republican Party has called on Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state’s Democrat leaders to condemn the violent protest and riot led by the Democrat Socialists of America’s Ithaca chapter Thursday and for the perpetrators who committed crimes to be prosecuted.

Democrat socialists descended on Republicans who organized a peaceful rally in support of President Trump in front of the Tompkins Republican Party campaign headquarters. Members of the DSA initiated violence, threats, destruction of property and forced the shutdown of the highway while cornering the President’s supporters.

A female Trump supporter had to be taken to the hospital after her shoulder was dislocated, rioters were ripping signs and hats from supporters and burning them while threatening their safety. The campaign headquarters was spray painted with “Trump Dies” and “Jesus Hates Cops.” Police were forced to close Route 13 as protesters yelled at them “Cops and Klan go hand in hand.” DSA members cornered the President’s supporters forcing them inside their building.

Despite news reports detailing what happened, no Democrats, including local candidates Tracy Mitrano who is running for Congress and Leslie Danks Burke who is running for state senate have come out to condemn the violence.

“The violence and rioting of Democrat Socialists against peaceful New Yorkers exercising their First Amendment rights is disgusting and must be unequivocally condemned by our state’s leaders,” said New York Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy. “The perpetrators of this violence must be prosecuted and there must be a clear message that this behavior will not be tolerated. It is the radical left who is filled with hate and violence and they must be stopped.”

“From their social media postings and what happened it looks like these Democrat Socialists came looking for trouble and to deprive the Republican rallies of their civil rights, using violence and intimidation to do so,” said Tompkins County Republican Chairman Mike Sigler. “They were an angry mob who terrorized people. Some were physically hurt and they destroyed our property. The vitriol and hate against people who don’t share their authoritarian views is nothing short of reprehensible. This is what we are fighting against in this election.”

Chairman Langworthy also blasted radical Cornell History Professor Russell Rickford, a member of the DSA for celebrating the violent event and calling it a “joyful display” and “positive affirmation of an alternative politics.”

He concluded, “Any adult who celebrates violence, destruction of property and physically threatening another human being has no business being employed by an educational institution. He completely crossed the line with his actions and his comments and he should be immediately terminated. Shame on him.”

Update, 7:24pm, From Congressman Tom Reed:

“We are appalled by reports of physical violence, verbal abuse, and property destruction by extremists in Ithaca simply because they disagreed with peaceful conservative rallygoers,” said Rep. Tom Reed. “We must all, regardless of political affiliation, stand together in unison to condemn this extremism and violence in the strongest of terms. As my colleague John Lewis taught the nation, our country is strongest when we rise up and stand against hatred in all forms. We call upon the Mayor, Cornell University, and all other local leaders to join us in cleaning up the graffiti and standing together in support of constitutional rights.