Red Raider Drive Going Back to Two Way Traffic

June 15, 2017

HORNELL, NY – DPW Head Mitch Cornish, filling in for Mayor Hogan at the monthly DPW meeting, updated the board on milling and paving taking place in the city. “We have started milling Seneca Street, and then we will raise structures and hopefully get paving around the 26th. The big holdup in paving is the fact that AL Blades is booked for 96 straight days so we will have to work with them on scheduling.”

With the completion of all parking lot renovations, the school district has sent a request to City Hall to return Red Raider Drive into a two-way traffic. That currently runs from Adsit to State Streets. That request will have to go in front of the Law & Ordinance Committee with final approval coming from the Common Council. Cornish said he and the Mayor see no problem with that at the moment.

Water Treatment Plant head Len Fucci reported that the week of July 3rd they will be holding a kickoff meeting with Labella Associates for the upcoming plant renovations with a workshop to follow.

Water Pollution Control plant Chief Rich Dunning announced they have just gotten notification from the DEC that they are going to be required to put in a system of ultra violet disinfection.

And finally the following outdoor events were approved to take place in the city this summer:
Senior Corvette Day-June 30th
Salon 96 Annual Run-July 4th
Association Block Party-July 29th (weekend of Gus Macker)
Association Cash Bash-August 12th