Reed Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Reed Says Allegations Are Inaccurate

March 19, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – EmpireReportNY.com and the Washington Post is reporting today that a former lobbyist, Nicholette Davis, is accusing Congressman Tom Reed of sexual harassment in 2017. According to the Washington Post, Davis said that Reed was drunk at a bar in 2017, rubbing her back and leg, and was eventually kicked out of the bar for his behavior. Reed says this is inaccurate, and another person who was with Reed that day in 2017 says that Nicholette Davis was not with Reed at that time.

Nicholette Davis was said to have texted a friend about this incident back in 2017. Davis is also said to have made a claim about sexual harassment made against her last year by someone else, a claim that was not substantiated, according to WAPO.

Wlea reached out to Reed’s office and they sent this response:

“As outlined in the Washington Post story, here is the statement from Rep. Tom Reed:
‘This account of my actions is not accurate.’ — Rep. Tom Reed.”

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