Reed And Borrello Weigh In On Siemens Downsizing In Olean

February 3, 2021

    Rep. Tom Reed released the following statement regarding Siemens Energy and their plans to downsize work at their plant in Olean, New York. Roughly 500 Siemens Energy employees will be impacted by the decision.

“While a small portion of these jobs will be transferred to Painted Post, the significant downsizing of the Siemens Energy plant in Olean is a major blow to hundreds of hard-working families and the local community. We care deeply about the many individuals and families hurt by this development. We will continue to do everything we can to help those impacted because it is only fair they receive the assistance and support they need to get through these difficult times. Unfortunately, this is another example of how the Biden Administration’s actions against the natural gas sector and other all-the-above energy solutions have serious, real-world consequences for the American people. To John Kerry and the Biden Administration — we ask that before you go further down this path of dismissing the men and women who have dedicated their lives to keeping America at the forefront of advanced manufacturing, visit Olean, New York to see first hand the high-tech jobs our nation will continue to lose due to your harsh, anti-competitive energy policies. Instead of destroying energy jobs such as these, we should be coming together and working on comprehensive solutions that promote energy innovation, job growth, and national security across the board.”

    From State Senator George Borrello:

Senator George Borrello vowed to work with state and federal officials to assist employees of Siemens Energy in Olean after company officials announced plans to halt manufacturing at the facility and reduce the Olean plant’s workforce by 500. “Siemens Energy employs over 800 people at its Olean plant. This is another blow to our region and a major setback to much of the progress made in the city of Olean,” Senator Borrello said. “Since its days as Dresser-Rand, this plant has been the backbone of manufacturing and industry in Cattaraugus County. “The company has indicated that they will retain a local presence of more than 300 employees at Siemens Energy in Olean and that jobs are available for approximately 100 workers at plants in Painted Post or Houston. Our job now is to advocate on behalf of those impacted by this decision.” Senator Borrello said he has already reached out to U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Congressman Tom Reed and New York Assemblyman Joseph Giglio to develop a plan to help the Siemens Energy workers. Senator Borrello said he will also bring other state agencies to the table. Noting that he recently toured the Olean plant, Senator Borrello said he was struck by the dedication and pride of the Siemens employees, many of whom are the third and fourth-generation from their family to work at the manufacturing facility. “Generations of highly skilled workers have made Siemens Energy in Olean a world-leading manufacturer of turbines and compressors for the oil and gas industry,” Senator Borrello said. “These are highly technical jobs performed by dedicated workers. The value of that knowledge and expertise can’t be replaced once it is lost.” Siemens officials said the separations and transfers will be phased in through mid-2022. Siemens said changes in the energy market are causing the company to rethink its operations, including the global shift to “green-energy.” Senator Borrello said he understands that market pressures beyond their control forced Siemens’ hand. Senator Borrello also acknowledged that New York’s heavy-handed “tax and regulate” policies add to the burden of companies like Siemens as they shift manufacturing across their operations. “Unfortunately New York’s high taxes, unnecessary bureaucracy and overregulation always factor into a company’s decision to move manufacturing facilities,” Senator Borrello said.