Reed And Mitrano, Both Claim Victory, In Last Nights WETM Debate

October 28, 2020


ELMIRA—It’s clear tonight that there is only one candidate prepared to advocate for the communities of this district as we recover from the pandemic and economic crises. Tracy talked about the issues, and all Tom Reed had to offer was the same old divisive rhetoric and empty promises he’s made for the last 10 years. Tom Reed is so wrapped up in Washington politics he’s forgotten that he’s elected to serve the people. He invokes the Problem Solvers Caucus as proof of his hollow bipartisan claims, and he brags about doing the bare minimum required of every member of Congress.

He offered tonight no indication that he has the dynamic leadership skills that will help this district recover. No innovative ideas. No record of putting forth new ideas and bringing them to fruition. That’s why Mr. Reed wants to distract us from his failed leadership and his lack of vision for this district.

MITRANO FACT CHECK: The Mitrano campaign immediately condemned the vandalism and hateful act that occurred. The full statement from Oct. 23 is below:

“This is a shocking report. I fully understand the impact of being attacked by strangers for your politics. And while I’m sympathetic, I must point out that Tom Reed has done a great deal to create the political environment he so deplores. The harsh visuals in his attack ads, the inflammatory language he uses to describe me, all contribute to an escalation of hostility that too often leads to incidents like the ones he reports today—or worse.

“Politics is about persuasion, not intimidation. I condemn this kind of action and hope the authorities swiftly bring the perpetrator(s) to justice. But I also call on Tom Reed to take down his attack ads and behave in a manner suitable for a member of Congress as Election Day approaches.”

MITRANO FACT CHECK: When Tracy challenged Reed on his baseless assertion that she wanted to defund the police, he pointed to a Facebook post made about bail reform. She has never said or thought that she wanted to defund the police, and Tom Reed has never offered any proof.

Tom Reed drew a clear contrast between himself and his Democratic challenger Tracy Mitrano in a televised debate seen across New York’s 23rd district.

Reed opened the debate by calling for unity while condemning the extremism and violence that has taken place throughout America’s politics. This summer, Reed’s campaign office in Corning was vandalized, and most recently, a brick bearing a family member’s name along with a dead animal was placed on the front steps of his home.

“I believe in the power of the people,” Reed declared. “We will get through COVID-19 and safely reopen so that American ingenuity and entrepreneurship can be unleashed to rebuild our economy. I believe America’s best days are ahead because of our people. More government isn’t the answer. The power of the people is the answer.”

Reed also highlighted the dedicated support and service his office provides to local health care providers, job creators, innovators, and most importantly, thousands of constituents as he and his team met the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Tonight, Tom demonstrated why Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike are joining our problem solver movement. New Yorkers are sick and tired of extremism in our communities. Tom’s record of caring for constituents during the pandemic, boosting economic opportunity for all, and standing up to extremist policies is in stark contrast to Tracy’s radical agenda,” said Matt Coker, spokesman for the Reed Campaign.