Reed And O’Mara Continue To Pressure Governor About Nursing Home Report From Last Week

February 2, 2021

Republicans continue to put pressure on Governor Andrew Cuomo because of the nursing home report issued last week by State Attorney General Tish James. Congressman Tom Reed got a long Facebook thread started, when Reed said the governor is ignoring the advice of his health advisors about Covid-19. Here’s the top ones from Reed’s FB Page:

Reed’s comment: “Governor Andrew Cuomo is dismissing advice from his own health experts and instead making unilateral decisions NOT based in SCIENCE AND FACT. He’s a bully. He’s reckless. He’s OUT OF CONTROL.”

Randy Smith
This guy leaves a trail of destruction where ever he goes.

Gail Korbar
So do something about it, you represent us🖕

Deb Pearson Winkler
Money in his pocket is all that matters to him. Why doesn’t the NY state government do something about him it’s YOUR JOB ISNT IT YOU HANDED OVER THE POWER TO HIM NOW TAKE IT BACK

Mike Litzburg
This show us that a professional so called politician are now regulators, scientists, doctors and weatherman EXPERTS!

Dave Pence
Well Tom what is going to happen about it ???

Marie Dartt-Bentley
We are counting on you & others to defend New Yorker’s rights, for example, the right to work, decide for ourselves (masks, vaccinations).

Sarah Schell
He needs to be NYC governor and let upstate vote in their own governor.

Justin E. Perkins
He saved millions in Medicaid payments to nursing homes. He knew exactly what he was doing.
Also, State senator Tom O’Mara tried to get the Democrats in the State Senate Investigations Committee to subpoena the Governors Office and the State Health Department for all messages between the two, about putting Covid-19 positive senior citizens into nursing homes. O’Mara says the state senate democrats invented a rule to put the blocks to having a vote on this.