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Updated Story: Reed Campaign Manager Accused of Confusing Tuesday’s Ballot

June 25, 2018

UPDATED: 12:37pm – To Include Response From Nick Weinstein (scroll down to below Norman Green’s Statement)

Congressman Tom Reed’s campaign manager Nick Weinstein, is accused of a political dirty trick: Weinstein is accused of trying to make the ballot on Tuesday’s primary, look confusing inside voting machines for the Tracy Mitrano campaign. Tracy Mitrano is also on the women’s equality party line, and Chautauqua County Democrat chairman Norman Green says that Reed campaign manager Nick Weinstein got a write in ballot included in Tuesday’s voting machines, in order to confuse voters who were Tracy Mitrano voters. The email from Norman Green about this allegation against Weinstein, came in on Friday night, we emailed Nick Weinstein on Friday night for a response, but have not heard back from him yet. As soon as we do, we will post his response.

See Email From Norman Green below:

Jamestown (6/22/18) Incumbent Republican Congressman Tom Reed is not on the ballot in Tuesday’s NY23 Women’s Equality Party Congressional Primary, but he is campaigning to be that party’s write-in nominee, or is asking the minor party registration to pick a different Democrat than who the party leadership has already endorsed.
Over 200 registered Women’s Equality Party (WEP) members received a mailing on Friday paid for by and from the Tom Reed campaign featuring a cigar smoking man Reed claims is a party boss calling the shots for that party’s endorsement.
“We in the Democratic Party knew Tom Reed was playing another silly political game when his campaign manager circulated and filed the petition to force a WEP Primary. We’ve grown to expect that from Tom Reed. You know like Extreme Ithaca Liberal and DC John are just two examples of the silly stuff he talks about in a campaign,” said Chautauqua County Democratic Committee Chair Norman P. Green.
Nic Weinstein, Reed’s campaign manager, circulated and filed the Opportunity to Ballot (OTB) petition in April gathering the needed 8 signatures. He filed the petition with the New York State Board of Elections, forcing the NY23 WEP Primary that will allow the writing in of another name other than party’s endorsed candidate Tracy Mitrano.
“But today’s mailing might be an absolute new low for Tom Reed’s silly political games and mocking of the process. After his campaign manager set up the OTB, the Reed campaign today sent out a mailer picturing all of Mitrano’s Democratic opponents along with Reed himself saying that anyone of them needs your vote,” continued Green.
“So Reed’s campaign manager forces the write-in opportunity. Then the Reed campaign pays for a mailer picturing himself and four Democratic Primary candidates. If he was serious and had a true goal to be the WEP candidate, the mailer for the write-in would say straight up vote for Tom Reed.” said Green
“My answer is that Tom Reed doesn’t care about winning the Women’s Equality Party nomination. He cares about creating confusing and political chaos. He sends out this mailer not as a part of the election, but more like a mocking of the process. He uses a cigar smoking man to signify the WEP Party boss. Except as you would imagine, the party is run by women. It’s unfortunate that this is what Tom Reed campaigns are about. ” concluded Green.

Response From Nick Weinstein, posted 12:37pm Monday, June 25, 2018:

“It is simply inaccurate for Norm Green to suggest we’re “playing silly political games” with the Women’s Equality Party primary. We believe that the voters in the Women’s Equality Party should be empowered to choose the nominee who best reflects their values. With major questions about their endorsed candidate’s campaign missteps, like filing a late financial disclosure, getting caught stealing campaign yard signs, and being called out by her opponents for flip flopping on important issues like fracking and abortion, you can see why the Democrat establishment is worried. It is clear they think the flawed choice the Women’s Equality Party made to represent their party is in danger of being rejected by the voters on Tuesday. I would encourage every member of the Women’s Equality Party to carefully research their choices. Our record is clear,” said Nicholas Weinstein, Campaign Manager for Tom Reed for Congress.”

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