Reed Criticizes Plumb For “Remaining Silent About Hillary’s Emails”

July 15, 2016

Yesterday, Congressman Tom Reed’s campaign sent out a statement, asking why Reed’s opponent, John Plumb, had not issued a statement about the FBI and Hillary CLinton’s email story:

Corning–People of the 23rd District are making their frustration about the decision not to indict Hillary Clinton very clear; they are appalled by the double standard on display in Washington. One set of rules for the DC elite, and a different one for the rest of us.

“The American people have made it very clear. They believe the FBI should have recommended an indictment for Hillary Clinton,” stated Amy Hasenberg, Tom Reed for Congress Spokeswoman. “Clinton clearly broke the rules more than 100 times, yet DC John Plumb continues to stand by her. If Plumb cared about basic fairness for all, he would say something. Yet, like he does with every issue, he stays silent. Plumb prefers an unfair double standard for Washington insiders – and why not? He is one of them.”

Rasmussen released a poll showing the majority of all Americans believe Clinton should be indicted. Even nearly one third of Democrats surveyed by Washington Post/ABC News said Clinton should be indicted. Plumb endorsed Clinton prior to the New York Presidential primary election. In that primary, Clinton lost every county to Sanders in the 23rd Congressional District. Plumb has been silent regarding the FBI ruling on Clinton.

“John Plumb is in better touch with Washington than upstate New York,” said Hasenberg. “New York deserves someone who cares about us, not a DC insider like Plumb who ignores their concerns. Tom Reed cares about our families. He always puts them first while DC John continues to protect his D.C. reputation by putting Washington first,” said Hasenberg.

Plumb responded:

“I agree with the FBI’s assessment that Hillary Clinton was careless, but nothing criminal occurred. As a Navy Reserve Commander, I believe what is far more threatening to national security was Tom Reed’s vote to shut down the Department of Homeland Security and his steadfast belief that suspected terrorists be allowed to legally purchase weapons in this country. I am focused on finding real solutions to bring jobs to this district, protecting the United States of America from our enemies, and keeping the promises we made to our veterans and their families.”