Reed Dismisses John Plumb As A Carpetbagger…Plumb Slams Reed On Property Tax Payments

May 18, 2016
There is a back and forth going on today between Congressman Tom Reed (R, Corning) and his opponent John Plumb (D, Jamestown).

Congressman Tom Reed is dismissing John Plumb for living out of state for years and then moving back to the Jamestown area, according to Reed, only for the purpose of running for Congress. Plumb slammed back at Reed, pointing out Reed paid his property taxes late.

Reed’s campaign sent out the following statement this morning, about John Plumb’s residency in New York State:


Tom Reed’s campaign calls out John Plumb for putting his career ahead of the people. “John Plumb is a true Washington insider who believes Western New York is simply a vacation from his true residence in Washington, D.C.,” said Amy Hasenberg, Tom Reed for Congress Spokeswoman. “DC John doesn’t understand this district; and, he doesn’t understand our families’ needs. After all, he only returned to the district a year ago because of political opportunity to further his career by running for Congress.”
“Our district should not be represented by someone who considers this only a second home,” said Joe Sempolinski, Tom Reed for Congress Campaign Manager. “Our families require a full time, 24/7 representative who cares about our needs and is accessible to us. That representative is Tom Reed whose family has been in New York for generations, who grew up here, who raised his kids here, and who has held hundreds of town-hall meetings to meet with people in our communities.”
John Plumb upon signing his mortgage affirmed that his home in Lakewood is his secondary residence. The document also affirmed that the home is only to be used as his secondary residence, not his primary residence which was listed as Washington, D.C. Supporting documents are attached and are public record through the Chautauqua County Clerks Office.
“DC John legally affirmed that his home in Western New York is simply a secondary home,” said Hasenberg. “The law, nor John Plumb believes that New York is his real home. He has been back in the district for one year to date and all he wants is for us to send him back. It isn’t fair that DC John wants to sacrifice the needs of New York families simply to further his career.”

Just before 5pm, Plumb issued this statement:
This is another ridiculous attack from Tom Reed, whose attempts to distort John’s years of service to our country have been going on for months. When John was employed by the Pentagon – working to defend our country – he rented an apartment in Washington DC. That was his primary address when he was working each day for the Pentagon, which is why it was listed as such on his mortgage documents.
John no longer works for the Pentagon and does not rent or own any property in Washington, DC. He lives at his home in Lakewood, a few miles from where he grew up and where his family still lives.

11am hour posting:
Plumb did not take long to respond, and issued the statement below:
“For over twenty years I have had the privilege to serve shoulder to shoulder with the best and bravest men and women in the world, and I won’t ever run away from that. That’s not politics, that’s integrity. Our campaign is about finding real ways to help hard working families by protecting jobs and our country, not political grandstanding.”
“I’ve served under Republican and Democratic Presidents — under the water, in the Middle East, in the Pentagon and on the National Security Council. Politics should stop when it comes to our National Security, but Congressman Reed doesn’t seem to understand that,” added Plumb.
“Congressman Tom Reed is everything that’s wrong with Washington. He’s been in Congress for 6 years and all he has to show for it is millions in campaign contributions from special interests while thousands of workers here in New York have lost their jobs as manufacturing plants in our region have been forced to close down in the face of unfair foreign companies that undercut American businesses.”
“It’s laughable that Tom Reed is attacking my service to our nation at the Pentagon and on the National Security Council when he was late paying his property taxes 46 times.”
“If Tom Reed wants to step out from behind his campaign spokesperson and have a real debate on who can better protect jobs, support New York families, and protect our country – I would welcome it. But, for now, he seems to prefer the Washington way of doing things and leaving the people of New York to pay the price.”