Reed Issues Statement About Iranian Deal

September 14, 2015
Tom Reed rejected the President’s Nuclear Agreement with Iran, along with the House of Representatives with a formal vote on the deal. “I care about the voices of our friends and neighbors from across the region and the resounding opposition to this agreement was clear,” said Reed. “The way the President and the Senate have gone about silencing the collective will of the American people is not only unfair but puts our nation in danger.”
Although 269 members of the House voted against the proposal, including 25 Democrats, roughly 41 Senators blocked consideration of similar legislation in the Senate late last week. The move essentially allows the agreement to take effect despite disapproval in the House.
“Inside the beltway politicking is preventing the American people from having their say on this deal,” said Reed. “It’s time for the Senate to go on the record and stop neglecting their responsibility to the country.”
The House vote comes as part of a series designed to hold the President and his negotiators accountable to a Federal law. The Corker Act, which was passed earlier this year, required Congressional oversight of the agreement and included a mandatory 60 day review period.
“American citizens always must be first. Iran has…raised no confusion as to what its intention is here,” Reed said as part of his remarks on the House floor prior to voting on the bill. “It wants a nuclear weapon. It wants to destroy Israel. It wants to destroy America. Listen to their own words.”