Reed Locked Out Of Ithaca Mayor’s City Hall Office

October 30, 2020

TOMPKINS COUNTY, NY – Congressman Tom Reed attempted to deliver a U.S. flag that flies in Washington DC, to the office of the mayor of Ithaca on Thursday, but Reed found that the door was locked. Reed was however, greeted by protesters who chanted “No Trump, No KKK, No Facist USA”.

Statement From Congressman Reed, regarding his Ithaca Visit:

“We were proud to bring people together today in a demonstration of unity and a rejection of hatred,” said Reed. “Whether it be political violence, intimidation, racism, or Anti-Semitism, it is our duty to stand up and make clear that acts of hatred have no place in our communities. We call on everyone to join us in this effort. The Mayor’s refusal to join us today was disappointing. Standing up for the rights of all Americans together in one voice shouldn’t be controversial. We will continue to work to bring people together and stop these destructive incidents from occurring. Our door is always open because we believe that in order to represent people, you have to listen to them. Even when we disagree, all Americans must unite in condemning those who trample the rights of others.”

The Ithaca Voice website, published a quote from Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick. “Yesterday our Congressman asked me to participate in a photo op during a global pandemic – while his party continues to block badly needed aid. My response: “Thank you for the very kind offer of the flag. We proudly fly the American Flag above City Hall.”