Reed: Now Is The Time To Unite Behind Trump

June 8, 2016
Congressman Tom Reed issued the following statement on Wednesday afternoon:

Now that the final primaries are behind us, Tom Reed calls on Republicans to unite behind Donald Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton. “Donald Trump has channeled our nation’s frustration with the status quo in Washington which is why the American people chose him as the Republican Party’s nominee,” said Tom Reed. “We need change and Donald Trump’s history as a deal maker proves he can help us achieve that. We can’t afford anymore of Obama’s expensive, dangerous agenda and we can’t continue to paralyze DC with rigid, unyielding ideas.”

“We need to unite and move forward. With Donald Trump in the White House, we can work together to create commonsense, fair solutions that address poverty, help grow our economy, create jobs, and take care of families’ needs,” said Reed. “Trump is the outsiders’ choice because he will get things done in Washington. He has a history of success negotiating deals and creating jobs which our nation so greatly needs.”

“Our nation and our district cannot afford to have anyone who has helped further the Obama agenda,” said Amy Hasenberg, Tom Reed for Congress Spokeswoman. “Hillary Clinton and DC John Plumb are both relics of Obama’s failed, dangerous foreign policies. And, they have both promised to continue each of his harmful economic policies. Our nation deserves so much better.”