Reed Opponent Slams Reed Over Town Hall In Lindley, And Reed’s Response

July 18, 2107

This past Saturday, Congressman Tom Reed held town halls in Belmont and Lindley. One of Reed’s opponents, Democrat Rick Gallant, issued the following statement:

“Although Rep. Reed is doing his job by holding towns halls around this district, his voting record in Congress shows that he doesn’t listen to the concerns of the people he was elected to represent and that these town halls are little more than political theater.”

Reed’s campaign spokesman, Nick Weinstein, issued the following statement in response:

“Maybe Rick Gallant should do some Town Hall meetings of his own to get to know that district he just moved into before dismissing our long record of accessibility,” said Nicholas Weinstein, Campaign Manager for Tom Reed for Congress. “If he is concerned about political theater Gallant and the rest of our Democrat challengers should stop attending the weekly protests organized by members of the Gallant campaign outside our office, including a recent protest where one of their speakers raised a Nazi flag and compared supporters of Donald Trump to supporters of Adolf Hitler.”