Reed, Palmesano, O’Mara Want Cuomo To Do More Debates

October 25, 2018

A whole whose who of upstate Republicans have sent out a statement of support of Marc Molinaro wanting more debates with Governor Andrew Cuomo:

Phil Palmesano, New York State Assemblyman: “I am happy the Governor finally agreed to a one on one debate with Marc Molinaro in New York City. However, as much as the governor claims upstate NY is a priority to him, it’s imperative that the Governor show the voters of the Southern Tier, Finger Lakes and all of upstate that they too are a priority. He must participate in more one on one debates with Mr. Molinaro in upstate New York to discuss those issues of great importance to them.”

Tom O’Mara, New York State Senator: “My Southern Tier and Finger Lakes constituents are New Yorkers too and deserve a real discussion of issues that matter to us. I join with Marc Molinaro in calling on Governor Cuomo to participate in two upstate debates discussing issues important to us here, not just to NYC.”

Congressman Tom Reed: “Andrew Cuomo’s out of control spending and ever-increasing taxes are driving hardworking families from New York. It’s no surprise that he’s unwilling to defend his disastrous record in front of upstate voters.”
Michael Kracker, Unshackle Upstate: “Hardworking Upstate voters deserve to hear directly from Andrew Cuomo and Marc Molinaro about their plans to tackle the issues plaguing our economy including sky-high taxes, a harsh business climate and the declining population. Ignoring the valid concerns of millions of Upstate taxpayers is simply unacceptable.”

Rob Rano, Joint Landowners Coalition Board Member: “I think Gov Cuomo should participate in an upstate debate to be held accountable and explain why he has denied NY landowners their property rights and has obstructed natural gas pipelines forcing New England to buy Russian LNG last winter. He may not think America has been that great, but upstate NY’ers are proud and believe in American exceptionalism and the potential we possess if given a chance to use it.”

Kevin Hassett, President, Retired Police Association of New York: “Upstate deserves it’s fair share of State funding and too much money and resources that are needed Upstate are now patrolling the streets, bridges and airports of New York City. Where is the equity for Upstate taxpayers Governor Cuomo?”

Marty Torrey, Veteran, Commander, USN (Retired): “There is a pervasive sense north of Westchester County that upstate is a political afterthought. So even if that is the case, at least do a public debate that lets people know what the candidates intend to do about the out migration up here.”

New York State Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb: “Andrew Cuomo is proving once again that his interest in Upstate New York doesn’t extend beyond the walls of the Governor’s Mansion. Upstate voters and voices count every bit as much as our New York City neighbors. Holding debates in upstate communities should be a common-sense expectation of any gubernatorial candidate. But for Andrew Cuomo, upstate isn’t home, it’s an afterthought. By refusing additional debates, he’s simply continuing an eight-year pattern of ignoring upstate New Yorkers in policies, priorities and politics.”

Nick Langworthy, Erie County Republican Chairman: “Time and again, upstate New York has been ignored and neglected by this Governor. The entire state deserves to have a debate between the leading candidates for Governor, so they can.”

Ferg Foley, Veteran: “In the spirit of being inclusive of all New York citizens, having a debate focused on the Upstate issues is an expectation that is not negotiable.”

Carl Zeilman, Chairman of the Saratoga County Republican Committee: “Upstate New York voters deserve the chance to have the gubernatorial candidates debate the issues that matter most to them. For far too long, issues like the overregulation of our farming and dairy industry, the state of our crumbling infrastructure and the future of the Adirondacks have not been at the forefront. A gubernatorial debate on issues affecting Upstate is long overdue.”

Fred Akshar, New York State Senator: “The needs and interests of Upstate communities like the people I represent in the Southern Tier are just as important as the needs and interests of New York City and cannot be ignored. The office of the Governor answers to all of New York, and the people of Upstate deserve to have candidates debate their issues on television just as they did for New York City. Governor Cuomo should recognize that and agree to debate Marc Molinaro in Upstate immediately.”

Tony Picente, Oneida County Executive: “Upstate New York has different needs and issues than NYC and the voters deserve to hear from both Marc Molinaro and Andrew Cuomo on the issues that matter to us. They deserve multiple debates to address important topics such as job creation, opioid epidemic, taxes, spending and their visions for our region. I applaud Marc Molinaro for working to discuss these issues and I call on Governor Andrew Cuomo to join him.”