Reed, Plumb and Homeland Sec.

June 20, 2016

    Jamestown Democrat congressional candidate John Plumb sent out a statement, saying that Congressman Tom Reed voted to shut down Homeland Security:

Congressman Tom Reed’s own Republican colleagues in Congress disagree with his campaign’s claims that he’s been “at the forefront fighting for protections for the American people.” In fact, his Republican colleagues from New York pleaded with him to prioritize the safety of New York and our country, yet Reed still voted to shut down Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Rep. Reed also voted on 12 separate occasions to allow suspected terrorists to purchase guns, including a vote two days after the Orlando gunman, formerly on the terrorist watch list, used a legally purchased assault rifle to kill 49 people. [1]

Before his ill-advised vote to shut down the Department of Homeland Security, six of his fellow New York House Republicans released a statement urging Reed to treat the threat from ISIS seriously, stating:

“…DHS is critical to our national security – ISIS is a real threat to America, and we must provide full funding to keep New York and our country safe. We urge the rest of our colleagues to join us in supporting legislation to fund DHS.”
Furthermore, in an interview with ABC News’ Martha Raddatz, Congressman Peter King, a Republican from Long Island and former Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, called those members who supported defunding the Department of Homeland Security, “self-righteous and delusional” and labeled the move “absolutely irresponsible.”

Now Congressman King is asking his colleagues to join him in closing the loophole that allows suspected terrorists to legally purchase weapons in the United States. Once again, current Congressman Tom Reed is refusing to support this common sense measure that both Democrats and Republicans agree is key in our fight against terrorism.

Navy Reserve Commander John Plumb, a fourth generation Western New Yorker and national security expert, said in response: “Tom Reed has been reckless with our national security, and even his Republican colleagues agree. He has proven time and again that he is absolutely irresponsible and has failed to recognize that ISIS is a real threat to the safety of New Yorkers and all Americans. From my time beneath the waves with the Navy submarine force, to the Pentagon, and now commanding a Navy Reserve Maritime Operations detachment, I’ve taken an oath to protect and defend our country – but unlike Tom Reed, I will never turn my back on that promise.”

Congressman Reed’s campaign spokesperson Amy Hasenberg responded with the following:
As a member of Obama’s foreign policy team, DC John Plumb knows the truth behind our failed foreign policy, yet he chooses instead to deceive voters. “There was never a vote to shutdown the Department of Homeland Security and DHS NEVER shutdown,” stated Amy Hasenberg, Tom Reed for Congress Spokeswoman.

“This is a typical DC move, misrepresenting a situation in order to gain political points and deceive voters,” stated Hasenberg. “Obama’s Administration, which DC John was a foreign policy aide in, has repeatedly endangered Americans through horrific policies or failing to act like in the case of ISIS. This Administration still does not have a plan to combat ISIS even though that could have prevented the tragedy in Orlando.”

“Tom cares about the American people and that’s why he is fighting for them. It is unfair to our voters to see DC John using DC tactics to confuse voters,” said Hasenberg.