Reed: Trying To Get Covid Testing Facilities Set Up In Steuben Co

October 7, 2020

CORNING, NY – Congressman Tom Reed says that he’s working with Corning area Republican lawmakers, in hopes of getting the Covid-19 numbers under control. “I have been working with (Senator) Tom O’Mara, (Assemblyman) Phil Palmesano and (Assemblyman) Chris Friend, as well as (Steuben County Manager) Jack Wheeler and (Chemung County Executive) Chris Moss, in regards to Steuben County and Chemung County in particular,” said Congressman Tom Reed in a media call held on the telephone this afternoon with reporters. “We are working on getting testing facilities up and running, and resources deployed, to make sure that we try to contain this potential outbreak, that we’re seeing in some of the numbers, as the positives (numbers) go up. I will tell you, talking with (Steuben County Public Health Director) Darlene (Smith) and (Steuben County Manager) Jack (Wheeler), over in Steuben County today.”

We were on the phone with them this morning, we’re watching the numbers very closely, and working with folks like Arnot Health, and Ira Davenport is doing some testing there in Bath. We’re trying to be in a position of containment, and not go down the path of mitigation, which means shutting down areas, shutting down regions, or God-forbid, shutting down the state. We’re working very hard to get ahead of it.”