Reed, Union Heads Fully Endorse Everpower

November 2, 2016

HORNELL, NY – 23rd congressional district hopeful Tom Reed came out in full support of Everpower wind farming Tuesday afternoon at a public forum in Hornell for one major reason, local jobs. Reed’s determination, in the form of the Local Tax Credit, has made job creation projects like this a reality in our district. With Albany’s approval, the Baron Wind Project, which encompasses Avoca, Cohocton, Dansville, Fremont, Howard, and Wayland, will employ 100 new full time jobs, 300 seasonal construction jobs, an add millions of dollars of revenue to local communities.

The big swing for Reed was Everpowers commitment to hire all local labor. Backing Reed up was union heads Joe Palmeri, Operating Engineers Local 17 and David Marsh, Business Representative for NY Laborers Local 785.

When asked the question of possible Hartsville participation, Kevin Sheen of Everpower was blunt, “We may never go back there, we put our offer on the table and the ball is in their court.”