Reed Votes For Funding The Wall

December 21, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – Statement From Congressman Tom Reed:

Rep. Tom Reed voted to provide the American people with border wall funding to keep our country safe and prevent a government shutdown.
“This isn’t about politics. This about doing the right thing and securing our southern border so mothers can sleep in peace without fear of dangerous MS-13 gang members pouring into our country,” Tom said. “We need a functioning immigration system which allows properly vetted people to come here and work to provide for their families. I hope this is something I can work with my Democrat colleagues on this next Congress.
“I am proud to vote to keep our government open for the American people,” Tom concludes.
The House version of the spending bill funds the government through February 8, 2018 and provides $5.7 billion border security. The bill now heads back to the Senate for final approval.