Reed’s Statement On Senator Joe Manchin

December 19, 2021

Tom Reed’s Statement on Joe Manchin’s Decision to Not Support the Build Back Better Bill

Corning NY – Today, Tom Reed released the following statement regarding Senator Joe Manchin’s decision not to support President Biden’s “Build Back Better” Legislation.

“Senator Joe Manchin signaling that he will not support Build Back Better underscores that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill was a major victory for our country. Unlike the political talking points, the two were never linked,” Reed said “Once the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill was passed, the far left was no longer able to exert leverage to force their socialist wish list of Build Back Better upon the country. Left on its own, Build Back Better is destined to fail.”

Tom Reed was one of 13 House Republicans to support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the important investments it makes in our country’s infrastructure. In total, New York State will receive upwards of $170 Billion for infrastructure projects to improve our roads, bridges, airports, mass transit, water systems, broadband access, and more. For more information on obtaining funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, please call Reed’s office at (607) 654-7566.