Rep. Tom Reed: Gov Cuomo Backed Off On Ventilators Plan

April 7, 2020

From Congressman Tom Reed:

Rep. Tom Reed is thanking Upstate public officials from both parties in all levels of government who opposed the Governor’s recent announcement that he would use the National Guard to seize ventilators and other supplies from Upstate hospitals. Tom and several lawmakers from federal, state and local levels from both sides of the aisle worked together to publicly express concerns about leaving Upstate New York without defense as the virus continues to spread.

“We are glad to see the Governor is backtracking from his position to forcibly take necessary medical equipment from Upstate hospitals, which would have been a reckless move.” Reed said, “It is important we all work together to make sure our communities are safe and healthy and our healthcare providers have what they need to do their job, both downstate and upstate. Working together collaboratively is the approach we must take here. We stand ready to assist in any way we can to ensure the needs of our constituents are protected while the needs of our neighbors are met. I ask the Governor to communicate with us, as he has promised to do, in the interest of protecting and caring for all New Yorkers. I have provided my personal cell phone number to the Governor and stand ready to help.”

On Friday, April 3, Governor Cuomo announced an Executive Order that the National Guard would take ventilators and protective equipment from hospitals Upstate for use downstate. The order was met with bipartisan opposition from all levels of government. The Governor is responding to the strong opposition as the order has not yet been carried out and an announcement was made that the state has procured an additional 1140 ventilators over the weekend.