Rep Tom Reed: We Must Remember Our Vietnam Veterans

March 23, 2022

BATH, NY – There is an event for and about Vietnam Veterans is coming up a week from today at the Bath American Legion. That will be Wednesday March 30th, 12pm to 6pm at the Legion. Congressman Tom Reed noted the event in his weekly media call today. “When it comes to our Vietnam Veterans in particular, we can never forget,” Reed stated. “We can never forget their service, which they and their families gave during the Vietnam War, and the risk and deaths that many of them suffered and their families suffered. We also cannot forget how they were treated.

“The Vietnam vets, when they came back from war, were wrongfully accused of so many wrong doings, when they should have been praised as heroes. Hopefully this event on March 30, will send a signal to those Vietnam vets that we embrace them, and we thank them,” Reed stated.