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Responses To The 2022 Biden State Of The Union

March 2, 2022

From Governor Kathy Hochul:

    “In his first State of the Union Address, President Biden outlined a bold vision to build a stronger America through smart federal investments that support hard-working Americans. New Yorkers have seen firsthand the benefits of the historic accomplishments of the President’s administration, including vaccinating 200 million Americans, spurring the fastest job growth in history, cutting child poverty, and providing a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure.

    “Through President Biden’s leadership, America has made enormous progress in combatting the pandemic and setting the stage for our economic recovery. But we still face emerging threats that will require a focused, unified approach: growing armed conflict in Europe, rising inflation costs, increasing energy prices driven by a reliance on fossil fuels, and a rapidly changing climate – the existential threat of our time. I applaud the President for his ongoing efforts to form a strong and united coalition of international allies and provide direct assistance to Ukraine, as well as calling on Congress to take action that cuts costs for middle-class Americans and addresses the core health and economic challenges created by climate change. And I’m deeply grateful the president honored the memory of our fallen NYPD heroes, Officers Mora and Rivera, as he discussed comprehensive support for our public safety system.

    “I thank President Biden for also highlighting the need to expand domestic manufacturing to combat inflation, in particular within the semiconductor industry. My administration has laid the groundwork to cement New York as the national hub for semiconductor manufacturing, and we are ready to work with the President to make his vision a reality. His leadership has put America on a path to a better, more inclusive nation, and I look forward to our continued partnership that will usher in a New Era for New York that will endure through the ages.”

    From Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:

“Tonight was a reminder of the power and importance of democracy — at home and abroad. President Biden has made clear his commitment to promoting the truth, defending our values, and giving every person in this country the chance to succeed. His address reminded us of the unlimited potential the American people have to build a better future, no matter the challenges we face. I look forward to working with the president to continue to rebuild our economy and to deliver on his vision to make and manufacture more goods in America; to make those jobs well-paying, family-supporting jobs; and to offer every worker the paid leave they need to truly support their families. Together, we will make sure that the future is bright and that it is made in America.”

From Congressman Tom Reed:

    I say to the American people now is not the time for more political speeches. Leadership means inspiring the hearts and minds of all Americans who, in these turbulent times, do not need partisan posturing or more divisive rhetoric. We need solutions that unleash the power of the American people, not the power of our government. We cannot spend tax dollars to get out of the inflation trap. That will only compound the problem. Last night, we heard a speech offering the government as the solution. America’s power rests in its people. I trust the people and therefore reject the heart of this speech. It is time to solve our problems through true leadership willing to work with both sides to achieve people-driven solutions to the serious issues facing our nation. The time is now.

    From Steuben County Democrat Chairman Shawn Hogan:

      Without getting into the deep weeds and critique President Biden’s full speech I just want to touch on a few points.
      First, the President gave a very impassioned plea for National Unity and that our best days are ahead of us as people and a Nation. Under his leadership he has united the World against Putin and he Facist Government. Never before have the nations of the world been so united against tyranny and for Democracy.
      The President acknowledged the pain people are feeling due to worldwide inflation caused by the effects of Covid-19 pandemic on the supply chain and the steps necessary to combat this worldwide problem. The worthy opposition wants to portray the President as some type of ineffective leader and weak. It is simply not true and does nothing to further the best interests of our Nation.
      Politics is a nasty business and getting more divisive. We should be working together to save our Democracy, not heckling and undermining our President’s efforts to improve our country and the World.
      I stand with our President in defense of Democracy and the American way of life.
      God Bless America and pray for National Unity. In the Ukraine people are defending their Capitol, Unfortunately in America we had some Americans attack our Capitol.

      From Hornell GOP Leader Paul Van Caeseele:

        The real State of the Union is we have a president who inherited a divided nation and instead of trying to heal the country, he has worked to divide it even further. The state of the working class citizen is under attack by failed and destructive policies by this president and his far left handlers who through reckless policies have brought on the highest inflation our country has seen in over 40 years. From groceries to gasoline, the Biden inflation is another tax on the backs of the working class. Empty shelves and entitlements are a running theme for this administration. The real state of the union is the United States has gone from being energy independent to once again reliant on foreign countries for energy needs. The state of our southern border is a disaster with illegals flooding into our country, smuggling in drugs and weapons threatening public safety. The state of the union is the national debt is larger than the nation’s GDP for the first time since World War II. The truth is the state of our union has been greatly weakened by this president and his far left failed policies. Liberal policies that no matter how they are marketed, when implemented, they always lead to disarray.

        The citizens of our nation deserve better.

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