Rich Argentieri: Why I Changed My Vote

June 22, 2021

HORNELL, NY – From Alderman Rich Argentieri:

My decision to change my vote regarding the Bryant school was not an arbitrary or heedless decision. It was a conscious decision based on my need to become more informed. So I put in the extra work to do so. We never voted for low income housing as that was the main concern from day one. This is affordable housing geared toward the working class, due to the influx of jobs that will be created through Alstom projects, in addition to the lack of available housing that already exists. The administration, whom is fully behind the project stated, when I asked for more clarity, that we already had several opportunities to ask questions. But obviously that is not the case and the statement was political and only directed towards my desire to become more informed. Now even more council members are asking for time to gather information
and it has been granted by the Mayor’s tie breaking vote. The Deputy Mayor stated “the worst outcome would have been what already happened with the Law and Ordinance committee and have a vote that could change with more information.” Again, this is exactly what is happening now when council members asked to table the issue in order to obtain more information. This
is a complete contradiction of action and is completely politically motivated although said not to be. If anything sends a message of inconsistency this does. There was a public vote in May and that vote should have been the voice of the community. At the end of the day we all should want to do what is best for the community and the voters. We would have done that if we worked together but again partisan politics prevails as one side try to make the other side look erroneous. Only when we work as one body and one community will these partisan politics be superseded.