Roadwork-Water leaks Topic at Thursday’s Public Works Meeting

May 17th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – At Thursday mornings monthly Public Works meeting DPW head Mitch Cornish gave an update on the major road renovations running the length of Main Street. According to Cornish, the milling currently taking place was supposed to be started the 16th but mechanical issues delayed it until today and tomorrow.

Cornish continued, “As you can see, milling started bright and early this morning and will continue through tomorrow. We’re trying to get out of the business district before it gets busy. Once the milling is completed paving will take place in three weeks. We still have plenty of curb work and raising roadside structures to do.”

Cornish also said his department has identified streets in need of paving which include upper Grand Street, lower Spruce, Seneca, Catherine and Hillside. Milling will be starting next Tuesday and paving shortly thereafter.

In other news , Water Filter plant head Lenny Fucci was happy to announce that water usage for the month of April in the city of Hornell was down 700,000 gallons a day. Fucci said that the previous three months the city averaged 3 million gallons and now it is down to 2.3 million.

“The reason for the major drop,” explained Fucci, “Was the buttoning up of some major leaks. One was on Adsit Street that was unbelievably bad. They had been tracking water all the way over by the Verizon building for a number of years, and when we fixed this leak that all dried up.”

And finally, three events were approved for the summer. A benefit for Ashley Vickers will be held June 2nd from 2pm until 1am behind Paddy’s and the Association. No alcohol will be served outside but there will be a fenced in area where drinks can be consumed.

The Arc of Steuben will be holding a kick ball tournament on July 13th at Veteran’s Memorial Park from 3pm to 5:30pm, and a summer cross country camp will be held at Shawmut Park on various dates throughout July and August. The cost to attend the entire 12 days of the camp is $195.