School Board And Budget Voting Results

May 19, 2015

last updated: 10:18pm

Hornell School voting results:     Budget Vote: 400 yes votes, 195 no votes…Capital Improvement: 379 yes, 212 no votes…Proposition to adding two more seats to the school board in Hornell: 327 yes, 253 no votes….Bus proposition: 431 yes votes, 145 no votes….Jessica Hess was elected to the school board, winning the Rich Scavo seat, 420 votes.   Scavo was not seeking re-election.


Alfred-Almond Central results:

Budget  Yes 289 No 74….Bus Prop –  294 yes votes, 68 no votes…         Capital Reserve Fund  314 yes votes, 49 No votes….Alfred-Almond Central School Board Members  Gary Acker 169 Kristelle Sage 121  (They were going for the same seat, and Gary Acker was the winner).


Avoca Central: prop 1 (the budget) was passed, 172 yes votes, 46 no votes.  Prop 2 (vehicle purchase) 162 yes votes, 57 no votes.  And Michelle Hubbard was elected to the school board at Avoca Central, 195 votes.


Canisteo-Greenwood Central School vote results:

The budget was passed, 251 yes votes, and 75 no votes…The repair reserve prop also passed: 220 yes votes, 101 no votes….The library prop passed, 237 yes votes, 81 no votes…school board members Marcy Bradley and Fred Thompson were re-elected, both to three year terms on the CG Board of Education.


Arkport Central Results:

The $10.6 million 2015-16 budget proposal: 229 yes votes, and 59 no votes….The purchase of one school bus and one van for a total cost not to exceed $132,000:  208 yes votes, 67 no votes….New Arkport Central School Board of Education member Michelle Chamberlin received 127 votes and will serve a five-year term starting July 1…A proposal to re-establish a district capital reserve fund for a period of 10 years (until 2025): 206 yes votes, 59 no votes.

“We want to thank all those who took the time to vote today,”  said Arkport Central School Superintendent Glenn Niles. “A school district is only as strong as the support of the community it serves. It’s gratifying to know Arkport residents value – and want to preserve – the quality academic program provided each day by our faculty and staff.”

“On behalf of the Board of Education, I want to thank the Arkport voters for approving this budget,” said Arkport School Board President Stephen Hoyt. “We’re confident this spending plan will empower us to fulfill the district’s mission: to educate our students to an increasingly higher level of academic performance and help them reach their potential.”


Andover Central results;

Prop 1 – the budget: 137 yes votes, 29 no votes

Prop 2 – bus purchase – 144 yes votes, 21 no votes

Prop 3 – library funding – 135 yes votes, 30 no votes.

Monica Dean was re-elected to the Andover Central School Board.


Jasper Troupsburg results:

The JT school budget passed with 319 yes votes (73.5% yes votes), 115 no votes.  Also at JT, Andrew Butler was elected to the school board, with 225 votes.


Wayland-Cohocton Central results:

Prop #1 – Budget not to exceed 29 million: 336 yes votes, 80 no votes…Prop #2 – Capital Reserve vote: 337 yes votes, 76 no votes…Prop #3 – Public Library Increase – 264 yes votes, 151 no votes.


Canaseraga Central: the budget passed with 87 yes; 29 no’s.  The Canaseraga Central library resolution passed with 66 yes; 49 no’s.

On the Canaseraga School Board of Education vote:

Sonja Robinson was elected to a five year term,  with 84 votes, and Nicole McIntosh was elected to a one year term, with 91 votes.