School Will Still Have a Resource Officer after Funding Cut

June 8, 2017

HORNELL, NY – After getting news that funding was being cut to provide a police resource officer at the Hornell Jr/Sr High School, the school district stepped up and agreed to provide the $50,000 extra needed to bring one back.

The counties Social Services Department informed the city and school district that funding would end for the position at the end of the school year and unless someone came up with the money one would not be back.

“We did not have the luxury of providing a full time officer,” said the Mayor, “so some form of cost sharing had to be negotiated.” Under the terms of the agreement, the school wants to clarify the duties of the officer and Hogan said that he and Police Chief Ted Murray will review it and then sign the agreement.

The position is for 10 months beginning July 1st and the school was very happy with the job Jason Day has done in the past and he will resume the position.