Schools Around Canisteo Valley Area Are All in Good Standing

February 26, 2016
ALBANY, NY – The New York State Education Department released a list of struggling schools in the state.
There are no local schools that are listed as being struggling schools. About 15 schools in Buffalo, and about 6 schools in Rochester, were listed as “struggling schools”, meaning that they have low graduation rates.
All of the local schools, Alfred-Almond, Arkport, Canisteo-Greenwood, Canaseraga and Hornell, are listed as being in good standing. The only school that went from being listed as a focus school in 2015-2016, to being in good standing this year, was Addison Central.
Click here to read statement from the NYS Education Commissioner, Mary Ellen Elia.
Click here to read see the various lists of schools, and those school’s academic status.