VIDEO: Schumer Announces The Amtrak Contract

September 21, 2015
HORNELL, NY – U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer announced that tomorrow, Amtrak will sign a 2.5 billion dollar contract with Alstom Transportation in Hornell.

alstom pic 1

Congressman Tom Reed said it was a great day for Hornell. “What we’re looking at is moving that contract to completion. Got a lot more work to do, but with this announcement, we’re a giant step closer to getting 400 jobs created right here in our backyard,” Reed told WLEA.
“I care about making sure we move toward bringing more quality, family sustaining jobs to our area and it’s vital we stand with our manufacturers to make this happen. We will keep working hard to get this deal over the finish line. When I visited Alstom in June, I was able to witness firsthand something we all know, that we have the best workforce in the world right here and it is exciting to see that recognized.”
Mayor Shawn Hogan was thrilled. “It’s not often that a politician is speechless, but I’m almost speechless,” Hogan told WLEA, and the mayor compared the deal with when the railroad first came to the Hornell area in 1851. “It’s the largest economic development to ever be done in this valley.” Hogan thanked the senator publicly, saying that he has much gratitude and to all the people who helped, including Alstom workers and the Alstom officials who had faith in the Hornell area.
Deputy Mayor John Buckley said that it was the absolutely biggest news you could hope for. “2.5 billion dollars, it’s just such an astronomical number,’ Buckley told WLEA. “Great news for the city, great news for the region, great news for Alstom, great news for the people who work here and all the people they’re going to hire. I’m just on cloud nine.”
Hornell Industrial Development Agency Director Jim Griffin could be heard cheering and clapping loudly during Senator Schumer’s speech. “There’s work to be done, and I know that with Senator Schumer down there pushing for it, it will get done,” Griffin said. “It’s a tribute to our labor force.”
Alderman Jeff Brown said that it was great for the community, the surrounding businesses and everyone involved. “To see all these jobs coming back and give the opportunity for people to get work around here is great,” Brown said.