Sean Hannity Named One of the Most Powerful Members of The New York Media

April 16, 2018

From the Hollywood Reporter:

WHY HE MATTERS Hannity, who averages 3.2 million viewers each night, doesn’t just regularly command the largest audience of any cable news host on television. He also has the ear (and the eyes) of the president, who enjoys his primetime show and even cheered on Twitter when Hannity made a guest appearance on Fox & Friends in March. Hannity, 56, is likely the single most influential figure in conservative media (his radio show is heard by more than 11 million each week) and has the power to make or break Republican political candidates. With Bill O’Reilly out of the picture, Hannity seamlessly slid into the top-dog role at the network and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, with firebreathing monologues about Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the topic of Russian collusion that may impact the fate of Trump’s presidency.

THE LUNCH TOPIC I CAN’T AVOID “Lunch — who has time for lunch? I’m busy working every day. Nobody that I know sits down like in the olden days to have lunch. That concept is ridiculous.”

LAST THING BEFORE BED, I … “Read a lot and prepare for the next day, drinking a Coors Light with Homeland or Netflix in the background.”

MY WORST-EVER SUBWAY STORY “When I had a crazy liberal follow me from car to car screaming at me that I am destroying the world. At first I thought it was liberal Joe and Mika.”
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