Sempolinski And Borrello: We Won’t Primary Claudia Tenney

February 1, 2022

If the the congressional map put out by the state legislature is approved, and is not ruled invalid by GOP lawsuits, then it looks like there won’t be a three way congressional race after all.

Republican Joe Sempolinski, and Jamestown area State Senator George Borrello both told the Buffalo News, that they won’t run against Congresswoman Claudia Tenney.

Again, is is all dependent on whether the congressional map is not ruled as invalid, by Republican lawsuits.

UPDATE: 940am: Steuben County Democrat Chairman Shawn Hogan is opposed to this new 23rd Congressional map. Hogan says Steuben County has more in common with Rochester than Hornell does with Cortland. Hogan also says that he’s sure the Democrats will run a candidate for the new 23rd.