Sen Borrello Named To Key Post On Public Authority Control Board

March 13, 2023

State Senator George Borrello has been named to the NYS Public Authority Control Board. Senator Borrello thanked Senate Republican Leader Robert Orrt for the nomination and Governor Kathy Hochul for approving him to be on the Public Authority Control Board.

According to Borrello the number one issue these days is the redevelopment of NYC’s Penn Station. Borrello says the project is both controversial and expensive.

Wlea asked Borrello, who has been a vocal opponent of wind projects, if wind would be an issue that comes before the Public Authority Control Board. He says he’s already questioned the Thruway Authority’s wind projects on the sides of the roads on the Thruway in Chautauqua County and Erie County, areas which have wind turbines that Borrello says “are non-functioning.” Borrello also says, most wind projects are handled by the state’s Office of Renewable Energy Siting, however, Borrello says, if more Thruway wind projects are found to have such issues, he will get involved. “The Thruway Authority has installed wind turbines, they are now non-functioning, that Senator Borrello has publicly questioned and will do so anytime such projects are proposed in the future,” stated Lisa Hill, Borrello’s spokesperson.

Supporters of wind energy maintain that wind is reliable, clean energy, and that sometimes you have to work the kinks out of these sorts of projects in their early phases, in order to get the project going.