Sen. O’Mara Responds To NY Post Story

May 22, 2017

ALBANY, NY – Over the weekend, the NY Post reported that Senator Tom O’Mara was paid over $15,000, in payment for state senate committee meetings, and that O’Mara only attended one of those meetings.

In response, O’Mara has issued this statement:

“My voting record within the Senate Transportation Committee this session is 100%. I have voted on every bill for every committee meeting. Legislative session days in Albany, when most committee meetings are held, there are many pre-scheduled constituent meetings and other legislative events being held. Unfortunately, it creates the conflict of many meetings having to be scheduled at the same time. Consequently, the legislative committee system allows legislators to evaluate the voting agenda prior to each meeting and to submit votes in writing in order to accommodate a legislator’s need to attend simultaneously scheduled meetings.”