Sen. Young’s Statement About Independent Senate Dems

April 5, 2018

Statement From Senator Cathy Young, About The Announcement That The Independent Democrats Were Dissolved:

“Today’s announcement is just a lot of political hype and doesn’t change anything. We are still the Majority Conference in the Senate and will continue to do what’s best for the people and our region. However, it is disappointing because it represents the end of something that is all too rare in politics today: a functioning, bi-partisan coalition working together to solve problems and develop and pass legislation that benefits the common good.

It is also a reminder to New Yorkers everywhere that upcoming elections in April and November matter greatly. If the radical New York City-controlled legislators were to seize total control of state government again, it would be a repeat performance disaster for the state’s taxpayers and economy. The last time they were in charge, they raised taxes by $14 billion, cut our school aid and economic development funding and diverted it to New York City, and kept the Capitol in a swirl of corruption.

We need balance in state government and our Senate conference will continue to prioritize jobs and tax relief. Since 2011, Senate Republicans’ have been the leading advocate for hardworking families, senior citizens and every New Yorker suffering under our state’s heavy tax burden. We’ve fought for, and won, $12 billion in tax cuts that have made our state more affordable for everyday people. We’ve prioritized investments in education, health care and economic development to build the future that New Yorkers need and deserve. These commitments will continue to drive the Senate’s agenda for the remainder of the legislative session. We will govern as we always have – responsibly, collaboratively and with single-minded dedication to making life better for the people we serve

It is disappointing that Governor Cuomo has fully embraced New York City’s attempt to seize control over the entire state, but it’s an election year and that’s politics.”