Senator Borrello Voted Against The New Maps

February 3, 2022

Statement From State Senator George Borrello:

“The gerrymandered maps drawn by the Democrats in the Legislature are an affront to New Yorkers who voted for an independent, public-inclusive process in 2014 and who reiterated that stance again in November 2021 by voting down another Democrat move to seize control.

In choosing to serve their own quest for more political power rather than the will of those New Yorkers whom we all serve, Democrats’ have essentially silenced citizen voices, which exposes the hypocrisy of their rhetoric about voter participation and empowerment.

The clearest sign of the hyper-partisan bias in these maps is the intense criticism coming from good government groups and editorial boards in New York and beyond, who have castigated the blatant politicization of the process.

In voting ‘no’ on both the congressional and state legislative maps, I took a stand with the people of New York, and in opposition to a partisan, behind-closed-doors process that only confirms the public’s worst perceptions of its elected leaders.

Because these lines are so egregiously political, I believe a court challenge is wholly justified and will be successful.”