Senator George Borrello Is Endorsed By State Police Union

September 14, 2020

From Senator Borrello:

JAMESTOWN – In recognition of his steadfast support and appreciation of New York’s law enforcement community, the New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association (NYSTPBA) has given their endorsement to Senator George Borrello in his bid for re-election to the 57th State Senate District. The organization represents more than 6,000 retired and active uniformed members of the New York State Police.
Senator Borrello accepted the endorsement, acknowledging the often dangerous and increasingly difficult work that NYSTPBA members perform on behalf of New York residents and communities.
“I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of the New York State Troopers PBA. Our state is stronger and safer because of the dedication of the police officers who put their lives on the line to serve and protect our citizens and communities,” said Senator Borrello. “Theirs is the noblest of missions and they have my utmost gratitude for their duty and sacrifice.”
In their endorsement letter the association stated, “During these unprecedented times we have endured the passage of bail reform, protesters screaming to ‘defund the police’ and rioters and looters taking to the streets of NY. The resulting disdain and violence against police officers and our citizens are deplorable. Even more shameful is the lack of support and trust that is deserving of a person who dons a police uniform and protects us from that which is evil. Even amidst this one-party rule, there are still those who support police and fight for effective legislation.”
“Our members are honored and proud to stand alongside and support George Borrello, as he continues to do for us,” said John Clark, 2nd VP/Legislative Director for the NYSTPBA.
Senator Borrello was named Chair of the Repeal Bail Reform Task Force in February and hosted roundtables in Buffalo and the Hudson Valley to gather input on the real world impact of the changes from members of the law enforcement community, domestic violence victims advocates and others who were excluded from discussions during the drafting of the legislation. The hearings highlighted the dangers of the law, which eliminated bail and pretrial detention for over 90 percent of crimes including manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, violent assault and burglary.
“I will continue to fight for our police at every turn, advocating for legislation and funding that will aid them in their difficult work and opposing the anti-police proposals and rhetoric that are making their jobs more hazardous than ever before,” Borrello said. “The politicians who are turning their backs on our law enforcement community are doing a great disservice to these dedicated men and women and to all New Yorkers, who want and deserve safe streets and communities. NYSTPBA members can count on me to continue to deliver that message to Albany, through both my words and actions.”
George Borrello, a small business owner and former Chautauqua County Executive, is running for election this fall to his first full term as State Senator having been elected in a special election last fall. For more information follow George Borrello on Facebook at @BorrelloForNY and/or visit his website: