Senator Young Pleased With Common Core Reforms

July 9, 2015

ALBANY, NY – State Senator Cathy Young (R, Olean) is very pleased with the two pieces of Common Core news out of Albany.  One, Pearson will no longer be involved with Common Core testing.  Two, educators will be able to speak about what is on the Common Core tests.

See statement from Sen. Young below:

“Parents, students, and teachers across New York State are cheering because of the Pearson contract rejection. The out-of-touch testing materials prepared by Pearson were a big factor in the flawed implementation of Common Core in New York State.

“The Senate successfully pushed for Common Core changes at the end of session. Testing is reduced and a content review committee will review exam questions to make sure they are age appropriate. The gag order on teachers regarding test questions has been lifted. Teacher evaluation scores will more accurately reflect students’ understanding of materials, as they take into account individual characteristics. Our changes will ensure that every student can achieve a bright, successful and rewarding future.”