Several Noyes Nurses, Complete Residency Program

August 18, 2021

Wednesday, eight nurses at UR Medicine Noyes Health officially completed the nurse residency program at the hospital.
The year-long program is required for all new graduate nurses at the hospital. It consisted of monthly meetings where medical experts from Noyes, St. James Hospital and Jones Memorial Hospital spoke on a number of healthcare topics.
“I am extremely impressed with this year’s nurse residency graduates,” said Heather Burritt, Nurse Residency Program Coordinator at Noyes. “It can be a difficult transition moving from school to working full-time in a hospital setting. Add to that the current pandemic, and it is a lot for these new nurses to take on. It has been a trying year, but I appreciate the time, effort, and dedication put in by these nurses.”

In order to graduate from the nurse residency program, nurses were required to complete an evidenced-based research project and present them at the graduation ceremony. Topics included turning and repositioning of patients, the use of nitrous oxide in labor patients and sharing healthcare information from one healthcare employee to the next.

“We appreciate this graduation ceremony,” said Carissa Miller. “We missed out on having nursing pinning ceremonies last year because of Covid, so this is great.”