Shawn Hogan Editorial: Silent No More

June 20, 2018

I have been silent for 18 months of the Trump Administration, trying to make sense of what I have seen and heard. Having spent the majority of my life in public service, serving my community not only as Mayor, but on many civic and charitable boards over the years. I have met many caring individuals all committed to making this community a better place to live and work. Working hard to enhance everyone`s quality of life, rich, poor, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Muslim; black, white, Hispanic, Asian our melting pot. I am silent no more!! What this administration has done to this nation and the world should be rebuked by all. Creating an atmosphere of hate and mistrust, the continual inability to tell the truth. Disturbing our long standing relationships with our friends and allies. Cozying up to autocratic rulers, ignoring the human rights abuses of these autocratic leaders and dictators. Threatening to deport the DACA (Dreamers) children who have been raised and educated in this country and know no other, just as American as you or I. These 750,000 young people living in fear each and every day that this could be their last day in the only country they have ever known. Disguising a 1.5 trillion dollar tax give away to the wealthiest among us and trying to convince the middle class it was for them. Imposing tariffs that our businesses did not and do not want, tariffs that ultimately will increase the cost of living and continue to put the squeeze on the middle class.

Subliminally moving our country into an autocratic form of government, ignoring the rule of law and the separation of powers. A Republican Congress that for the most part refuses to stand up to the Executive Branch. This is not about Republican and Democrats, this is about the survival of our Democracy. Are we to sit idylly by and watch our great Country and our great alliances be dismantled and for what purpose. Are we to remain silent as he gives a wink and a nod to white supremacist groups, and promotes religious intolerance. As St. Francis of Assisi prays, make me and instrument of peace, where there is hatred let me sow love, where there is despair, hope , Where there is darkness, light. The last draw, for me, was the heart breaking images of children being stripped from their parents arms and placed in detainee centers, and now in tent cities. This is not the America that I love, this is not the country of our fathers and grandfathers. To complete the pray of ST. Francis it is in pardoning that we are pardoned. Are we instruments of Peace??? Silent no more..

Peace and Hope,

Shawn D. Hogan
Former Mayor of Hornell