Sheriff Christopher Moss Says Cuomo Is Race-Baiting

October 23, 2014

Lt. Governor candidate Sheriff Chris Moss has issued the following statement on Governor Cuomo’s statement on race, during the Wednesday night debate: 

“I just watched the video of last night’s debate and like so many New Yorkers I believe Rob Astorino proved why he is the best choice for governor. And for Andrew Cuomo to repeatedly insinuate racist claims last night against a good and decent man like Rob is an absolute disgrace.

“Rob Astorino is a Republican who has always campaigned heavily in minority communities. He has an empowerment and opportunity plan to lift lower-income New Yorkers into the middle class. He won a record amount of the minority vote last year and has previously been endorsed by the President of the United Black Clergy, the Chairman of the National Action Network and presidents of two local NAACP chapters, among many other black and Hispanic community leaders in Westchester. The people who know Rob best know he cares about all people equally.

“Andrew Cuomo is panicking. There is little reason for minorities to come out and support him this year. The black unemployment rate is double the rate of whites. The Hispanic rate isn’t much better. Inner cities throughout this state suffer some of the highest poverty rates in the country. And in many of these neighborhoods where Rob and I often campaign, they say they’ve never seen Andrew Cuomo.

“But instead of proposing empowering solutions to these problems like Rob and I have done; Instead of campaigning in the inner cities like Rob and I have done; Andrew Cuomo is taking the coward’s way out and making reckless, ugly and false racism charges. He should be ashamed of himself.”