Sign Put Up In Scio, Trashing The Late Corporal Jason Dunham

June 21, 2017

SCIO, NY – The Wellville Regional News website is reporting on a story that is going on in Scio, where someone put up a sign that is critical of Scio war hero, the late Corporal Jason Dunham, who jumped on a grenade in April of 2004 in Iraq, to save his fellow marines who were standing nearby. A U.S. Navy ship is named after Dunham, and he posthumously received the medal of honor from President George W. Bush.

According to the Wellsville Regional News website, the sign that was put up in Scio, says that “Dunham was not a hero” and that “you’ve been lied to by the Bush Administration”.

The Wellsville Regional News website also reports that Facebook is filled with many residents of Allegany County, protesting the sign.

Senator Cathy Young issued the following statement about this situation:
“Corporal Jason Dunham is a true American hero who courageously sacrificed his life to save his fellow Marines out of love for them and his country. No hurtful false words will ever change that fact. My heart goes out to the Dunham family because they have endured so much, but they know that overwhelmingly our community, state and nation stand with them in unwavering support and deep admiration.”

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