Situation at Hornell High School

Situation at Hornell High School

December 9, 2013

HORNELL, NY – The following is posted on the Hornell School District’s website:

Earlier this morning, due to a possible air quality issue, the 7-12 building activated a Shelter in Place (all students remained in the classroom that they were in and instruction continued). Since that time we received clearance from emergency personnel and classes have resumed as normal.


In first period (Junior High Chorus) at approximately 8:25 a student had a medical emergency and was properly escorted to the Nurse’s office. Before the end of the period, two other students were also escorted. At the start of second period, four more students (also from Chorus) were transported to the Nurse’s Office. With other students also randomly coming down, it was decided that a shelter in place would be called to investigate the events. In all 16 students were transported to St. James via ambulance and one by their parent.

After National Fuel, the Hornell Fire Department, Tim Marshall from Emergency Management and our own maintenance staff thoroughly examined the entire building, it was determined that the building was indeed safe. There were no air quality issues. Also, keep in mind that there were 100+ students and two adults in the room 1st period that have resumed their normal school day.

We have been in constant communication with the hospital and the plan is for all students to be released from the hospital today.